• Venue: Poly World Trade Center Expo
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  • City: Guangzhou
  • Industry: Health & Welllness
  • Date: June 1-3 2018
  • Organizer: Guangzhou Sungshine Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
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China(Guangzhou) International Health Sleep Expo 2018

——Exhibition Introduction——

According to statistics from the World Health Organization, about a third of the people in the world have sleep problems. While the proportion of people with various types of sleep problems, including insomnia, is as high as 38.2% in China.  Sleep problems have been the world's key issues.

Driven by the market demand, many health-related products are competing to be listed on the market. The sleep industry covers an increasingly wide range of industries, including the sleep home industry, sleep health industry, sleep medical industry, sleep service industry, sleep technology industry, sleep improvement health care products, medical products and technologies for the treatment of sleep disorders and many more. There are even more industries and fields such as sleep research and sleep psychology. Having developed into a universal coverage, with broad prospects for emerging industries, sleep industry will grow strongly.

China(Guangzhou) International Health Sleep Expo 2018 will jointly cooperate with over 200 professional media and trade associations both at home and abroad, so as to create the first international brand exhibition of China's health sleep industry and provide a platform which sets trade negotiation, display transaction, information exchange and image display in one.

——Exhibition Advantage——

※Powerful Combination: Organizing Committee will create the first exhibition of the Asia Pacific health sleep industry, jointly with the relevant government departments, industry associations at home and abroad, domestic and foreign professional media together.

※Brand Concentration: The exhibition will gather more than 500 famous sleep-related brands from China, the United States, Germany, Britain, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and etc..

※Strong Publicity: Organizing Committee will band with 200 domestic media and more than 30 foreign media. Through outdoor tour, TV special reports, official website, official micro and other media channels, with over eight months propaganda, the exhibition will provide valuable exposure of both brands and products of the exhibitors.

※Wonderful Events: exciting professional activities and a wealth of audience experience turly realize the close contact of industry information exchange platform and market information.

※International Platform: The Organizing Committee will set up a 20-person International Propaganda Department to issue invitations to international buyers through various channels and regularly release them the latest information and exhibition products, for creating a truly integrated platform for international exchange and commerce.

※Private Custom: Organizing Committee will provide each exhibitor "private custom" buyers invitation program. 40 customer service staffs will invite the global buyers one by one in accordance with the requirements of exhibitors who enjoy distinguished service.

——Concurrent Event——

2018 Health Sleep Industry Development Forum  

Health Sleep New Products and New Technology Conference

Health Sleep Excellence Project Roadshow Assembly 

Sleep Medicine Intractable Case Exchange Meeting

Appreciation Banquet and Brand Awards Ceremony

——Awards Setting——

Most Influential Health Sleeping Leader Enterprise Award 

Most Innovative Health Sleep Stable Person Award

Health Sleep Gold Award   

Most Innovative Sleep products Award 

Most Popular Health Sleep Product Award 

Most Popular Mattress Award

Most Popular Pillow Award 

Most Popular Bedding Award


Please kindly ask the Organizing Committee Secretariat for the forum and dinner sponsorship program.

——Exhibits Profile——

※Sleep Household: bed, 3D mattress, latex mattress, palm mattress, jade mattress, magnetic therapy mattress, thermal mattress, anti-mite mattress, insulation mattress, spine care mattress, moisture resistant mattress, sleep textile , latex pillows, health tea pillows, Chinese herbs pillows, anti-snoring pillows, traction pillows, memory pillows, and filling materials, pillowcase, ice pads, etc .;

※Sleep Health: multifunctional beddings, multifunctional bed, smart bed, health mattress, medical mattress, health sleep system, functional bedding, health sleep system, sleep machine, sleep room, electronic sleep products, new exotic sleep products, sleep improvement health products, sleep-aid supplies(aroma, sleep lamp, essential oils, ear plugs, etc.), sleep-aid food and beverage, etc.;

※Sleep Medical: massage health care equipment, home sleep medical equipment, sleep disorders medical institutions, sleep monitoring equipment, sleep disease diagnosis and treatment equipment, sleep ventilator, insomnia therapeutic apparatus, sleep apparatus and other related equipment, sleep disorders rehabilitation drugs, etc.;

※Eye Health Products: eye health food / medicine, eye patch, eye ointment, eye care solution, eye drops, eye massager / eye device, eye goggles, eye mask, eye meridian instrument, eye cosmetic instrument, health glasses, etc.;

※Sleep Services: Sleep Disorders Guidance, Custom Sleep Services, Hypnosis, Sleep Club, Sleep Environment Design and Construction, SPA, Sleep System Integration, etc..

——Visitor scope——  

1, International sleep products stores, sleep industry distributiors, traders, agents, industry investors and other professional buyers;

2, International department stores, home stores, large supermarkets, furniture stores, wholesale markets, pharmaceutical companies, drug stores, medical equipment companies;

3, Star hotels, luxury hotels, large chain hotel procurement staff;

4, Old-age homes, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, convalescent centers, health management chain agencies;

5, Sleep disorders clinicians, researchers and procurement staff;

6, International sleep research societies, furniture associations, home textiles associations, medical associations, the association of physicians and other leaders, experts, business executives and industry media;

7, High-end consumer groups, middle-aged and elderly, office workers, students and other insomnia, sleep disorders, etc.. 

——Exhibition procedure——

Exhibitors fax, post or email the application form to the organizing committee, which has been filled out and sealed. Within three days after applying for the exhibition booth, Exhibitors need to pay the full amount of the exhibition to the appointed account, or the organizers will not retain the booth. The organizers receive the "application form" and the booth full cost, then the "Exhibitor Manual" will be sent to exhibitors.


【Organizing Committee Secretariat】

Guangzhou Sungshine Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.  

( Application form, overall floor plan and other charging standard are on request )

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