Preface: Shanghai is a highly developed city with fast pace. And because of the compatible culture, Shanghai become the greatest coffee consumption market in China and gradually become the world coffee trading center.

In Shanghai, coffee reflects the development of economic and culture. A cup of coffee could be thinking, opportunity and even property. In 11th century, people started to make coffee as beverage, till now, coffee becomes an essential part in modern life. Nowadays, coffee is not just coffee, it stands for energy, passion, chance and success. Therefore, we try our best to build this international platform for coffee products and culture, and to connect the exhibitors and purchasers efficiently to make it an innovative event.

Venue: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center (SWEECC)

       1099 Guo Zhan Road,Shanghai,China 

Time: 22nd of Mar. 2017 ~ 24th of Mar. 2017


Figures of Cafeex

Exhibition Area:17000㎡   






Coffee/tea/beverage: green Coffee、coffee beans、capsule coffee、instant coffee、canned coffee、tea、juice、alcohol、beverage


Dessert:ice cream、cake、bread、cookie、chocolate、pudding

Coffee machines & equipment:all kinds of coffee machines & equipment、kitchen home appliances、vending machines and related accessories

Package & uniforms:coffee paper cup、coffee packaging、uniforms for barista/cook/waiter

Coffee/tea appliances: coffee appliances、tea set、accessories

Franchise:cafe、juice bar、ice cream shop、bakery

Interior decoration:decoration、decoration design

Training & consulting:barista training & education organization、Start-up consulting organization



Barista/latte art/coffee roasting competition

Coffee cup design competition

Cafe start-up/barista training seminar

Business match-making for exhibitors and purchasers



Chinno Exhibitions

Jade Hong



A:Room 342, No. 3058 Pusan Road, Pudong Shanghai(200123)

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